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CORTEX fellows training course in biostatistics, University of Zurich, October 2006


Date Time Lecturer Subject Venue
October 18 0900-1200 and 1330-1630 Dr. Christof Luchsinger Theory Uni Irchel, Seminarraum 55 H 12
October 19 0900-1200 and 1330-1630 Dr. Jürg Schwarz SPSS-Applications (Data Analysis) Uni Irchel, 01 F 08


Aims of the Course: Participants...

  1. have basic knowledge of probability theory
  2. can solve simple statistical problems without help
  3. can reconstruct the train of thought of correct solutions to more complicated problems
  4. have basic knowledge of statistics, enabling them to familiarize themselves with more advanced topics in the literature given below & follow more advanced courses at
  5. have SPSS-Documentation to methods treated (no complete introduction!)
  6. see limitations of statistical reasoning

We are going to omit (among other topics): descriptive statistics (important, read yourself, too time-consuming); Design of Experiments (important, too individual, too time-consuming, we touch some of it); Quality control

The way I teach: A script is online (below). Please print it out. Therefore you are not going to lose time just copying from the blackboard or OHP. Instead, we are going to solve many problems in class. For example, I will first motivate the term of "Mean" (or "Variance"), then give the definition, then I solve 1 or 2 problems using this new statistical concept, then maybe one problem will be solved together in class, then you have to solve some problems yourself. Finaly, at the end of the day there is time to solve additional exercises with me being present in the class room. Teaching will be very interactively. I will omit almost all proofs!
The binomial distribution (a discrete random variable) and the normal distribution (a continuous random variable) will be treated broadly. We will present the theory using the binomial and normal random variables.
Please bring light pens (Leuchtstifte) in the following three colours to the course: Blue="Structure", Red="Danger" and Green="important, learn by heart".

Contents / Downloads (Script):

Above script is what you need for these two days. If you are interested in the entire script, see this website.


Literature: Script.

In particular the following 2 books:

Something in English:


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